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Team Black Egg

Team Black Egg of Argentina was founded in 2033 after a merger of two IG-3 teams. After breaking through to the IG-2, the team started using defense as their core strategy (rare for the IGPX), and made it to the IG-1 in 2045. Their overall performance leaves something to be desired, but no matter how disadvantaged they become in matches, they are known for looking out for ways to reliably rack up points.

Their tactics make Team Black Egg a quiet team in the league. But, as for retired pilots of the league, not simply former staff of Team Black Egg, their current team leader, Ricardo Montazio, was considered IGPX's "Best Contender" in 2047. The team has also been graced with lots of press coverage. With 'black' as the basis for their team, the positions for the team have been divided by their mechs' body colors-yellow, green and orange. The robotics' maker "Digital Hearts" became the owner of Team Black Egg, and recently provided new mainframes for the mechs. While they appear to be heavy mechs at first glance, the arms and legs are actually very light and flexible and all the while were designed to maintain durability.

Team Member Introductions

Ricardo Montazio (Forward)

Voiced by Erik Davies (ENG) and Katsuyuki Konishi (JPN)

Ricardo Montazio is the forward of Team Black Egg. Using advanced defensive techniques, he is able to stop opposing forwards who attack him. The rest of them team provides cover. Ricardo is one who is honest with his work, and satisfied with the outcome, though he'll try hard to win every race.

Age: 20
From: Argentina
Height: 5 ft 11 in (181 cm)
Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)

Grant McKain (Midfield)

Voiced by Unknown (ENG) and Hisanori Koyatsu (JPN)

Grant McKain is the midfielder for Team Black Egg. Grant McKain is one of the most mysterious characters in the IG-1 League, partially due to Team Black Egg being in the league for such a short time. His style is, therefore, naturally mysterious, as well. He's an overall good team player, though
he doesn't always fully cooperate with his teammates.

Age: 15
From: Australia
Height: 5 ft 9 in (177 cm)
Weight: 154 lb (70 kg)

Glass Jones (Defense)

Voiced by Dave Mallow (ENG) and Eiji Yamashita (JPN)

Glass Jones plays defense for Team Black Egg. He is one who'd rather be out with girls than caught in the middle of a race. He doesn't take the races extremely seriously, especially considering Ricardo takes care of a lot of defense anyway. Glass underestimates his competition.

Age: 17
From: England
Height: 5 ft 7 in (169 cm)
Weight: 114 lb (52 kg)

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