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IGPX Action Reports Explanation

What are these "action reports"?

The IGPX action reports are English versions of text from pamphlets that came with the DVDs that were released in Japan. They are written in a format similar to that of a newspaper or magazine article. You can think
of them as real reports that were written based on events that happened in the IGPX universe. Reports
range from articles based on events in an episode to updates on how teams are doing in the league to
extra information about the IGPX universe.


What's in the action reports?

There are a few different types of action reports. There are action reports that are found in the episode guides that correspond to plot points that occur in that episode. These action reports contain spoilers, so be careful. 


Another type of action report is also found in the episode guides, which are reports written looking toward the future based on events that just happened in the episode. Unlike the action reports that contain spoliers, these are specifically written to be read before watching the next episode, as they are usually about things that will be resolved in the following episode. If it's your first time watching through the series, these reports provide a great chance to feel more involved in the series as you watch each episode.

These two types of reports often contain bonus insight or extra interviews that were not featured in the episode, so the reports are kind of like "director's cuts" of events that take place in the show.

The final type of action report is reports that give information on IGPX history, the rules of the races, and more. Expect to see those in the future!

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Additional Points

- While the English version of the show takes place in the years 2049 and 2050, the Japanese version takes place in 2048 and 2049. Because the action reports are based on the pamphlets from the Japanese DVDs and translated directly from the Japanese langauge to English, they are written with those years in mind.

- Including the one-year difference in the Japanese version compared to the English version, there may be some minor differences in some of the reports compared to some information presented in the English version of the show. So, while the reports can be considered canon for the Japanese side of the show, it may not always align with information presented in the English version of the show.

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