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IGPX Episode 2: Win...or Lose

Original Japanese title: Win...or Lose

The race is on between Team Satomi and Team Sledgemamma. They are going to be tough opponents, but Team Satomi may have a chance - if they can just get on track with their teamwork. Team Sledgemamma is known for not going easy on opposing teams. Will Team Satomi's inexperience and lack of teamwork cost them the race, or can they pull off a victory right out of the gate? This episode introduces Team Satomi and Team Sledgemamma's first IG-1 race for this season.

Spoilers Below

Don't scroll down any further if you want to avoid spoilers! The action reports (and music credits) contain some spoilers from the episode!

Report #1

Team Satomi's 1st IG-1 Race

In a rare feat, the midfielder managed to hold on for a draw

Team Satomi's first match in the IG-1 was with last year's 2nd place team, and the team who this season is a likely contender for the championship title-Team Sledgemamma. This was the first race of this year's IG-1 season and it had an air of tension. Team Satomi exhibited relatively constrained movements while Sledgemamma displayed swift movements in the first lap. In the first corner of the second lap, the teams switched to Attack Mode. Team Sledgemamma used their Inner Edge attack and assailed Team Satomi's mechs without any leniency. The Yellow Signal flashed before Team Satomi could even change their game up. The renowned Running Skeleton appeared on the course and assisted Liz's mech with repairs. But, shortly after the race resumed, Liz and Takeshi got pummeled and had to drop out of the race. They couldn't even make it to the first corner of the third lap.


Team Satomi's Amy managed to hold on with Speed Mode in the third lap, doing so in the crucial moments where Sledgemamma almost could have overtaken her and won the match. Amy was successful in being the first to receive the checkered flag in the race. Team Sledgemamma managed to have all three of their pilots finish, earning the same 15 points that Amy earned. They were able to tie the race. It seems somewhat interesting to hear that last year's 2nd place team tied in the first race of this season. Nonetheless, we can say that Team Satomi didn't show fans much of anything in this race. This draw earned without really fighting is likely to cast a bad shadow on the team, more than a potential loss would have.

Music Credits

Additional Information

US original broadcast date: November 5, 2005
Japan original broadcast date: October 12, 2005

Toonami Version Differences

- After Luca states that the IGPX would be better if it were run by cats, Takeshi and Liz say one more line to each other in their argument, and Amy and Luca sigh. This is only a few seconds, but is all cut out of the Toonami version.

- After Mark tells Miss Satomi that the machines will be fine toward the beginning of the race, there's a very short bit of animation with her reaction cut for time in the Toonami version.


- Right before the commercial break, Liz's last line ends with her saying, "Great." The Toonami version creates a longer pause between the quote she reads and that word, "great". This was likely to make it flow more naturally for an English viewer, as the original Japanese version doesn't have this pause, but sounds natural in Japanese that way.


- After Yuri meets Takeshi in his room, a line is cut out, where Takeshi sarcastically remarks that he was glad to provide her a laugh.

- There are some small cuts on longer pauses.

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