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IGPX Episode 11: And Then...

Original Japanese title: And Then...

The race is on against Team Satomi and Team Sledgemamma. They've raced before, but this time River has replaced the leader Yamma as the forward for the race. The intensity heats up as the race continues from last episode. Two people who used to side on the same team must now face off. The winner moves on to the IG-1 Championship. Will Team Satomi have what it takes to beat River, or will River take the lead on Takeshi and win? This episode features the first analysis on Team Velshtein's special attack, the Indoraga Mano.

Spoilers Below

Don't scroll down any further if you want to avoid spoilers! The action reports (and music credits) contain some spoilers from the episode!

Report #1

Team Satomi is Heading to the IG-1 Finals!

Takeshi and River were fated as Forwards to battle in this season's best bout

It's been 6 years since a semi-finals race occurred in the IG-1 Regular Season. Or rather, this race would determine who of the two strongest teams in this year's IG-1 would get the ticket to the finals. This race allowed all who were in IG City to teem with enthusiasm at what was this year's best match!

As predicted before the race began, River (who shocked everyone with his move to Team Sledgemamma) was the first to advance during the second lap. River played in the Forward position during this match. River, who also enjoyed his first race in the IG-1 today, commenced his chase on Takeshi (Forward) without hesitation, getting a helping hand from Yamma (Midfielder). The fighting between the two began in the air above the famous up-down on the track. However, passing the spiral, Yamma, barraged Takeshi with his Inner Edge attack. Immediately after that, Team Satomi launched their Running Skeleton to help Takeshi, who was taking a defensive stance.

There didn't appear from the outside to be any major damage to his mech, but Team Satomi's Running Skeleton changed Takeshi's right leg nonetheless. The race continued with Takeshi and River duking it out 1-on-1. Not missing a beat, Yamma crossed paths with Liz and came in ready for a fight. River until then was the main one using direct attacks on Takeshi. As if biding time for more power, Yamma unleashes his Inner Edge on Takeshi, putting Takeshi on the defensive again. Takeshi was once again forced into a predicament.


But, Takeshi's maneuvers were different than before the pit stop. The two Sledgemamma pilots continued their Inner Edge attacks with fervor, but at last, Takeshi was able to grab hold of River's left arm. Yamma kept his distance enough that Takeshi couldn't reach him. River and Takeshi, who mere days ago were still officially teammates, showed incredible might against each other for both being newbies to the IG-1, keeping audience members on the edges of their seats as the match continued. Entering the last lap, Takeshi then threw off River's balance and switched to Speed Mode. River, seemingly unaffected, also changed to Speed Mode. River aligned his mech with Takeshi's in the main stretch and both passed the goal line at about the same time. Officials had to be brought in to examine camera footage to determine who won.

The victory was declared, with a mere 0.008 seconds' difference, and a distance of only 13 centimeters. Team Satomi's Takeshi finished first. Takeshi jested in the interview after the race that he honestly didn't think that Team Satomi could make it this far. Liz commented with great confidence regarding the finals which would begin in 5 days that "if Team Satomi didn't have any prospects in the IG-1, they wouldn't even try to race in the finals." It seems that Team Satomi set their sights on the finals match even before starting today's race.


Team Velshtein is a team who only made their opponents up until now lose every match against them. How will they do in the finals? There is not much time remaining before the match. But from their very first match against Team Sledgemamma up to today, Team Satomi has advanced quite far. There must be an ever-growing fanbase anticipating a great performance in the finals. We expect both teams to put up a great fight to close out the 2048 IG-1 season!

Report #2

The 2048 Season's Final Battle

The invincible rulers of the IG-1 challenge the fortunate newcomers.

The final race bringing the 2048 IGPX Season to a close is upon us! These past few days have seen many fans flocking to IG City, and 3 hours before the start of the race, it was officially announced that 1,218,000 fans had gathered in the audience - a record for this season. When the season first began, the team with the highest odds of winning the championship was Team Velshtein, while the team with the lowest odds of winning the championship was Team Satomi. However, regarding Team Velshtein, who has won three years in a row, Michiru Satomi, the owner of Team Satomi, said this just before the race: "We're not going into this race acting like Velshtein will hold our hands and show us how to be champs, and then go and defeat us. We're going into this race with the intention of becoming the champs." Michiru Satomi emphasized that they didn't see themselves as challengers, but rather as racers worthy of equal standing against Velshtein. In Team Satomi's third race of the season, which was against Team Velshtein, all of their pilots retired in the first corner of the second lap. Has Team Satomi been able to grow since that mess-up? There are tons of doubts and expectations, and the final IG-1 race of the season is about to begin!


Music Credits

Toonami Version

"Sunday Seance (Loka Remix)"
By Blockhead
Album: Expiration Date (EP)
Heard: Throughout the race

"Nighty Night"
By Wagon Christ
Album: Sorry I Make You Lush
Heard: At the end of the race

"Good Block, Bad Block"
By Blockhead
Album: Downtown Science
Heard: When the Team Sledgemamma fans attempt to attack
the members of Team Satomi

"Summer's Gonna Hurt You"
By Diplo
Album: Florida
Heard: As Yamma converses with Team Satomi

By Hexstatic
Album: Master-View
Heard: When Takeshi and Fantine chat

"16 Megatons"
By Funki Porcini
Album: Fast Asleep
Heard: During the team meeting

"Count Your Blessings"
By Hint
Album: Portakabin Fever
Heard: After Takeshi and Andrei's chat

By Irresistible Force
Album: It's Tomorrow Already
Heard: The last song of the episode

Production I.G Version

"Nighty Night"
By Wagon Christ
Album: Sorry I Make You Lush
Heard: At the end of the race

"Adventures in Foam Intro"
By Cujo
Album: Adventures in Foam
Heard: When the Team Sledgemamma fans attempt to attack
the members of Team Satomi

"Landscape with Water-Piano Version"

Licensed Track (not commercially available)

Album: Emotions & Eccentricity

Heard: As Yamma converses with Team Satomi and as River and Takeshi chill on a rooftop

"It's Your Turn to Wash Up"
By Neotropic
Album: 15 Levels of Magnification
Heard: During the team meeting

"Count Your Blessings"
By Hint
Album: Portakabin Fever
Heard: After Takeshi and Andrei's chat

"Three Strikes"

By Jim Dooley

Album: WWII in HD (Music from the Original History Channel Series)

Heard: The last song of the episode

Additional Information

US original broadcast date: January 21, 2006
Japan original broadcast date: December 14, 2005

Toonami Version Differences

No changes were made.

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