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Action reports can be accessed from the "Episode Guides" page.
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Welcome to the IGPX Fan Site!

The Blu-Ray set was just released on May 28! Learn more about the Blu-Ray on its own dedicated webpage.

Previously aired episodes available on Adult Swim's website for free. Note that some episodes will require a cable login to watch.

Welcome to the world's biggest IGPX fan site! Check out the newly redesigned site, filled with tons of background information for each episode, information on each team, and much more! Use the navigation above to explore the site​.


New episode guides posted weekly. Check back every week for new guides!

A revamp of the team bio pages is in the works. Check back for more webpages dedicated to each of the IG-1 teams featured in the show!


Dozens of hours of work led to the redesign and launch of this website in 2023. Be sure to enjoy the mobile-friendly version of the site on your mobile device, as well. Send me a Tweet if you find any broken links or bugs!


Quick History of the Site

With its humble beginnings in 2006, now exists as its own domain!
The mission at is to provide IGPX fans with the most amount of information and content about the series. Since 2006, this site has been a valuable resource for fans, and with the 2024 Blu-Ray release, and the re-airing of the show on Toonami, this site will continue to exist for old fans and new fans alike!

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Check out my official Twitter account, and drop me a Tweet or DM if you have any comments or conundrums. Thanks so much for visiting today!

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